Workshops / Expert Lectures

We deliver Practical Hands-On Sessions integrated Expert Talks, On-Campus Workshops, Faculty Development Programme (FDP), Short Term Courses (STC), Expert Lectures and Seminars on Recent Tools and Technologies for the Professors, Academicians, Practitioners, Students and Corporate Organizations alongwith the Study Material and Real Time Support in Implementations.

Internship and Certification in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  •  Artificial Intelligence (AI), Current Challenges and Scope, AI and Machine Learning
  •  Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) and its Applications, Supervised and Unsupervised Learning
  •  Linear Regression, Logistic Regression Gradient Descent, Cost Function, Accuracy and Performance Metrics
  •  Open Source Platforms for ANN, Python as a Powerful Programming Language for Machine Learning and ANN, Installation of Python Distribution
  •  Bayesian Networks, Supervised & Unsupervised Learning using Python, Different ANN Models and Approaches
  •  Using Scikit-Learn Library for ANN in Python
  •  Natural Language processing with Python using ANN
  •  Sentiment Data Analysis and Real Time Evaluations
  •  Analysis of Social Media Data using ANN
  •  Applications of ANN in Digital Image and Video Processing
  •  Programming with Computer Vision using OpenCV
  •  Deep Neural Networks and Models
  •  Working with Tensor flow and Keras for CNN
  •  Pre-Trained Models, Programming and Prediction in Deep Neural Networks