Workshops / Expert Lectures

We deliver Practical Hands-On Sessions integrated Expert Talks, On-Campus Workshops, Faculty Development Programme (FDP), Short Term Courses (STC), Expert Lectures and Seminars on Recent Tools and Technologies for the Professors, Academicians, Practitioners, Students and Corporate Organizations alongwith the Study Material and Real Time Support in Implementations.

Internship and Certification in Blockchain Technologies

Introduction to Blockchain Technology

Cryptocurrencies and its Scope

Understanding different technologies used in Blockchain

Understanding Ethereum

Working with Smart Contracts

Structure of Smart Contracts, Programming Languages for Smart Contracts

Smart Contracts Programming using Solidity, Working with Remix IDE

Compilation and Deployment of Smart Contracts on Ethereum

Validation and Analysis of Smart Contracts Transactions on Network, Working with Ganache and Truffle

Taxonomy and Dimensions of Cryptocurrency in Blockchain Environment

Cryptocurrency Wallets and Integration of MetaMask with Web Browser

Creating New Cryptocurrency using Smart Contracts

Deployment of Cryptocurrency on Public Blockchain Network

Hyperledger Private Blockchain, Programming Models for Private Blockchain

Smart Contracts Programming for Supply Chain Network and Transactions Analysis

Decentralized Web Applications