Workshops and Expert Lectures

We deliver Practical Hands-On Sessions integrated Expert Talks, On-Campus Workshops, Faculty Development Programme (FDP), Short Term Courses (STC), Expert Lectures and Seminars on Recent Tools and Technologies for the Professors, Academicians, Practitioners, Students and Corporate Organizations alongwith the Study Material and Real Time Support in Implementations.
The real time implementations are demonstrated using Open Source Tools and Technologies in the Workshops / Short Term Courses / FDPs to enrich the participants with real scenarios of research and development and working with their research tasks.

Industrial Training and Internship

 On-Campus Training and Internships

 Training Modules and Courses

 Live and Real Time Projects with Industrial Applications

 Working with Advance Simulation Tools

 Using Open Source Technologies for Projects Development

 Projects using Research Based Technologies

 Consultancy in Writing Plagiarism-Free Effective Content

 Study Material, E-Books, Software Products and Tools

 Troubleshooting after completion of the Training

 Consultancy in getting the Real Time Projects for Self Employment 

Key Technologies

Web Development and Open Source Technologies

R, Python, MATLAB, Octave, PHP, Java, Ruby on Rails, CGI-Perl, Java

Blockchain Technologies

Quantum Computing, Quantum Information Processing

Cloud Computing, Fog Computing, Edge Computing, Internet of Things (IoT)

Cross Platform Mobile Applications and Smartphone Apps Development

Cyber Security and Forensic Tools, Penetration Testing

Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Deep Learning

Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Statistical Analytics

Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

LaTeX Programming for Scientific Manuscript Writing

Network Simulation Tools and Libraries

NoSQL Databases and High Performance Applications

Software Testing and Quality Assurance