Workshops / Expert Lectures

We deliver Practical Hands-On Sessions integrated Expert Talks, On-Campus Workshops, Faculty Development Programme (FDP), Short Term Courses (STC), Expert Lectures and Seminars on Recent Tools and Technologies for the Professors, Academicians, Practitioners, Students and Corporate Organizations alongwith the Study Material and Real Time Support in Implementations.

Internship and Certification in Software Testing and Quality Assurance

Software Quality and Testing using Open Source Tools

Software Testing Life Cycle

Testing Methodologies

Risk Analysis and Economics of Testing

Models of Testing

Use Cases and Test Cases

Writing Test Cases

Defect Reporting and Tracking

Format of Defect Report

Dynamic Testing Techniques

Load Testing

Stress Testing

Functional Testing Tools

Software Security Scanners

Server Scanners

Black Box and White Box Testing

XSS Attacks

SQL Injections Testing

Web Testing

Test Management

Manual Vs. Automated Testing

Regression Testing

Performance Testing

Test Management Tools

Database Testing

User Interface Testing

Configuration Management

Acceptance Testing